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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John Wooden - Basketball

John Wooden - Basketball Coach
c/o Home
Signed a '97 Allen & Ginter (1/1)

Sent it out on 7/23/08
Received it 8/01/08

Not a big basketball fan but I love the Allen & Ginter and this is a Hoosier Legend and I am a New York Hoosier, so... He also sent along a nice business card with his Dad's Creed on it and signed that as well. Class Act!!!

Delwyn Young - Baseball

Delwyn Young - Los Angeles- 2B
c/o LA Dodgers
Signed a '07 Heritage (1/1)

Sent it out on 8/09/07
Received it 8/08/08

WOW almost a year to the day!!! Thanks!